WoodStream Services

“WoodStream Services has increased our productivity while keeping overhead and operating costs low. We can compete with shops twice our size by outsourcing complicated designs and cutting processes. Using Brian's help with design work and portfolio preparations allows us to take on more jobs. I will bid a job even if the schedule is tight because I know that he can help us get it done!”

Overholser Cabinets, LLC – Bradford, OH   -    Aaron Overholser, Owner


“I have used WoodStream Services on many of our projects for CAD shop drawings. Brian is easy to work with, and is well schooled in drawing layout, details and specifications. We also use him for cut lists, which is a big help. I feel he has an advantage as he has worked in a shop setting, and understands how the different components go together. Our projects are all very custom and many times we are starting from just a conceptual design, so it takes much fore thought as the drawings are produced. I would recommend WoodStream Services for your drafting needs and other design related items.”

Preservation Consulting and Design - Zilla, Washington   -   David L. Kuns, Owner