WoodStream Services

The following eleven computer generated services are offered as an entire package, or as partial, or individual services. Any combination of these services, as well as other services, can be implemented, and customized to meet your company's needs.


High quality color renderings to show the end product before you begin! Great option to increase sales! These are provided by “Visions by Grant” a partner company. (View Example)

  Materials Purchase List

List will detail quantity of hardwoods, sheet stock, laminates, hardware, etc. needed for the entire job. It is organized on easy to read spreadsheets to track ordering and receiving (View Example)

Stock Sheets

Detailed linear footages of S4S hardwood stock needed for the entire project organized on spreadsheets, with labeling system, in descending order from widest to narrowest stock to maximize yield. (View Example)

  Cut Lists

A list of exact sizes and lengths of each part organized in to separate labeled components.
(View Example)

  Nesting Sheets

Includes cut lists for sheet stock parts, showing sheet layout for maximum yield. Our unique labeling system keeps all your projects components organized. Nesting can be sent directly to Thermwood CNC routers (View Example)


This service includes overall project CAD renderings and views that show placement of components on wall or in room for installation efficiency. (View Example)

Shop Drawings

Dimensioned, detailed CAD drawings used for manufacturing individual components.
(View Example)

Complex Drawings

CAD layouts and drawings for radius, and other unique components. The service includes full scale floor layout service available at your site, for complex projects, and CNC parts available for complex projects. (View Example)

  Construction Details

CAD drawings of cross sections, and details needed for manufacturing. These drawings will incorporate your preferred construction methods. (View Example)

Molding Details

CAD drawings of molding profiles and footages for the entire project. The molding profiles will be according to your specifications. (View Example)

CNC Machining

Cabinet components will be machined to size with all holes, mortises, rabbits, etc. included.  Each component will be labeled according to the description in the shop drawings for good organization and efficiency when assembling the cabinets.  All components will be machined, crated, and delivered to your shop.  Also available for pickup for local businesses.