WoodStream Services

Brian Frantz, has worked in various custom woodworking shops for over 15 years which provided him with experience in many aspects of the industry. He was active in design, preparing jobs for production, manufacturing, and installing. This gave him hands on experience and allowed him to become proficient in cabinet design software, AutoCAD, and computer spreadsheets. This “field experience” has given Brian a great advantage over many architects.

Our goal is to provide support for your custom woodworking business, and to work together with you in a relationship of communication and trust. As we learn your desires, preferred construction methods, and building processes we can tailor our services to your business. We desire to serve you with what God, by His grace, has given us.
Maybe you currently supply these services in house, but could profit from outsourcing them. Possibly you don't enjoy this aspect of your business, don't have time for it, or can't afford a full time in house designer. Whatever your situation is, we look forward to serving you. We will be glad to meet with you to discuss your shop needs, and to explain our services further!